10% instant

Deposit now on Noble Aces to get instant 5000 cash deposit bonus!

Noble Aces is offering instant 10% cash deposit bonus up to 5000 on every deposit. Deposit ₹50,000 to avail the maximum benefit and get 5000 instant bonus on top to boost your bankroll to 55,000 before you even play a hand!

Terms and conditions:

  • This is an opt-in promotion only and not available unless requested. In order to request this bonus, please dial our toll free number 1800-2000-893
  • Withdrawals on accounts which have opted in for this promotion is blocked till they have earned 8 loyalty points for every bonus rupee. For example, someone depositing ₹10,000 under this scheme gets ₹1,000 bonus. They can only withdraw their initial deposit & winnings after earning 8000 loyalty points.
  • This offer is valid for multiple deposits also.
  • If you bust your bankroll without clearing the loyalty points to cash out, you can re-deposit with this bonus scheme without having to clear the previous loyalty points needed for cashing out. However, the new loyalty point requirement will be needed for cashing out.
  • Any chip dumping activities will be heavily penalized by banning the accounts involved and freezing all the money.
  • Noble Aces reserves the right to cancel or alter this promotion anytime.
  • This bonus is only applicable for those who have not withdrawn in the last two weeks.

*To learn more about how to earn loyalty points, check our VIP program page.