Another Big Winner on NobleAces

Another Big Winner!

Gopinath Nobleaces player
Gopinath Nobleaces player

Last week we heard about Sunil Kumar Ram who won INR 30,000 in 5 days. Gopinath, one of the frequent players on NobleAces, has now won the Rs. 35,000 mark in winnings from tournaments and cash tables. This is starting to become a habit with players at NobleAces, so we thought we would catch up with Gopinath to get some more information on his success.

NobleAces – “So Gopinath, tell us your thoughts on NobleAces and your experiences here.”

Gopinath – “I’ve had a great time playing online with your site. With a great graphical interface and smooth running software, NobleAces is one of the few websites I have come across which has both of those critical features. The staff have been on point with setting up new tournaments every month. All in all, its been great fun playing poker at NobleAces and not to mention great winnings”

NobleAces – “That’s fantastic feedback to get from a regular player. Have you been making the most of the bonuses we offer?

Gopinath – “Well I have been very happy with the Poker scene you deliver, and yes, the bonuses have been a great added benefit.”

NobleAces – “Great to hear, good luck for the future Gopinath!”

These opportunities will continue to be available for all players with new tournaments always in the works for you to get involved. We love to hear success stories such as this one and hope to be interviewing you someday in not too distant future. As always, the multiple bonuses we offer are also available with exact details and codes listed on the NobleAces website, the two big ones been RELOAD100 and FIRST200.

For new players seeking to reach the heights such as those achieved by Gopinath, there are a few options available to improve your game. The ‘How to play guide’ provides beginners with the basics they need and give Pros a handy reference to use for keeping their skills current. You will find many more helpful tips around our site, but you may enjoy trying your hand with the anonymous tables to build your style and expertise.

Our players can always try new features like 5 card PLO, anonymous tables & mix tables. Additionally, VIP privileges and VIP shops are on the way, but we will keep that one a secret for now. Keep checking back for regular updates on the blog page.

Sunil Kumar Ram Wins Big

Sunil Kumar Ram Wins Big

Sunil Kumar Ram- Online Poker India
Sunil Kumar Ram Wins Big

It has been a few big weeks at Noble Aces and some players have been making the most of the tournaments. One such big winner is 25-year-old, Sunil Kumar Ram who won INR 30,000 ( Rs.18000 UCB + Rs. 12000 Real ) in 5 days in a recent freeroll series. An amazing take home of winnings such as this could not be overlooked so we spoke to Sunil to talk about his experience. He was more than happy to share his knowledge about NobleAces so that other players can have a shot at the big time. This is what he had to say about his time so far enjoying Poker at NobleAces.

“Noble Aces is going great guns and has become a fantastic Poker site, my favourite by far. Not only does it have some of the best freerolls and tournament in the Indian online gaming scene, but the withdrawals are lightning fast. The customer support is also highly responsive and ready to deal with any issues that might arise. NobleAces has become part of my everyday life, and when I win INR 30,000 in 5 days, it’s easy to see why.”

Sunil, a frequent Poker player, said that he was keen to keep trying his luck for all the future events at NobleAces. All his time playing has also helped him earn a great deal of loyalty points which he has been using to cash in with the 100% Reload bonus (Code: RELOADED100) and 200% First Deposit bonus (Code: FIRST200).

These bonuses are always on offer, the First Deposit of course a once only for each player.

There are also the anonymous tables which might be more of interest to you. You could be playing against veteran aces or players new to the game of Poker. Either way, it is fast paced and always enjoyable.

Noble Aces will soon announce heaps of tournaments for PLO, & Texas Hold’em . Check out our link for up-to-date events and the time they start. There is a huge variety of all the different Poker versions you know and love, now with anonymous tables on offer.

We will also be keeping everyone updated with our blog posts so that the latest news is been heard by the most important part of NobleAces, you, the player. We love to hear your feedback and experiences. You never know, it might be you that we interview next!

Grzegorz Trelski

Interview With Grzegorz Trelski ( 4th in WSOP 2016 event #32 ) on 5 Card PLO

Interview With Grzegorz Trelski ( 4th in WSOP 2016 event #32 ) on 5 Card PLO

Grzegorz Trelski
Grzegorz Trelski in WSOP

Grzegorz Trelski is yet another online beast making some noise in the live circuit at WSOP. He just finished 4th in WSOP 2016 event #32: $10,000 Hi-Low Split-8 or Better Championship and amassed a prize of $ 125,000. He eliminated likes of Jason Mercier in the final table and was leading the chip count for the major period. Jason Mercier raised on the button and Greg Trelski made a three bet out of the big blind. Mercier made it four bets and Trelski called. The flop was AhQc2s and Trelski lead out. Mercier calls an all-in, and the cards are tabled.

Trelski showed AsQh6d5h and was ahead against Mercier’s AdJdJh7h with top two pair and a low draw. The turn was the 8h and the river was the Ks to give Trelski the whole pot and send Mercier to the rail.


Today, we have arranged a small interview on 5 card PLO from one of the best in the world.


  1. Thanks for being here with us today Greg. We hear you are quite experienced with 5 card PLO. Apart from being one of the biggest players and winners in this version of Poker, what do you think is your greatest achievement?

Greg: I’ve had huge success playing 5 card Omaha in a live setting as it feels like a more relaxed environment for the casual player. Generally speaking, in each hand dealt, there is something interesting that a real gambler can view as a way of potentially winning the pot.

For example, a hand of 6, 7, K, J, 2 (double suited) looks and feels a lot more fun to play than only 6, 7, K, 2 (Single suited or even double suited).

In my opinion, 5 card Omaha players have some more imagination and forethought to what might occur post flop. It appeals to Omaha players who love to pull a sneaky trick at the end.

My greatest achievement prior to this WSOP 4th place in poker was actually a near win, 2nd place to Dzmitry Urbanovich in a $2,100 FLO8 SCOOP event last year. We played Heads up for about 3 hours and it was a really tough match! Even though he won the top prize, I felt like that was one of my best performances in Poker.


  1. How different do you think 5 card Omaha is from 4 card Omaha?

Greg: 5 card PLO has a lot more hands that can win in an unexpected way. The backdoor surprise factor is really big, and it adds a heightened level of EXCITEMENT for all players. Regardless of the equity, everyone loves to tell a story about how a random hand crushed their pocket aces.


  1. What do you think is the best starting hand for 5 card PLO?

Greg: I think a hand with hole cards of 7, 8, 9, 10, J double suited, will be a better hand to play from various positions as opposed to A-A-x-x-x. Some inexperienced and even expert players will over value this and get lost in the post flop game.


  1. What basic tips would you give to someone about to play 5 card Omaha for the first time?

Greg: The way to start playing 5 card Omaha is to get away from the traditional concepts of squeezing and playing pre flop wars. These tactics are not optimal or don’t have as much merit in 5 card Omaha compared to other variations.


  1. Do you think 5 card PLO can catch up with 4 card PLO in terms of popularity?

Greg: 5 card PLO has a higher chance of been run in a live setting. This caters to casual players that are just looking to enjoy their night. It has a greater level of excitement and gives players more entertainment value, which is what many of the real gamblers are looking for when they go to a Casino. If a player just wanted to debate equity and let the best hand pre-flop take the pot, they should stick to Texas Hold’em.


  1. Would you like to suggest any good resources for 5 card PLO to our readers?

Greg: The best resource for material is a training tool called which allows you to generate simulations. In the simulations section, you enter different hands & boards using their syntax format to test different variables and deduce information based upon a weighted range. I’m not sure if tools like PokerJuice have included 5 card Omaha yet, but that’s the beauty of playing 5 Card PLO. This variation is a game that gamblers love but the masses haven’t yet been spoon feed an optimal approach. In short, you need to be ready to evaluate everything on the go, expect nuts, super redraws and don’t be shocked if you are freerolling against a casual player.

Speaking of Freerolls, I kind of wish we spoke more on this topic. That’s something a lot of Hi Lo players are used to attacking with, but it’s not a big consideration in PLO. Let me elaborate.

If you have 2, 2, 3, 10, J (rainbow) on a 7, 8, 9 flop (with a flush draw) … facing a pot sized bet, you should honestly be cautious of doing anything here other than containing the pot. You may find yourself against someone with great equity and/or another combination of the same nut straight, but your opponent could have multiple higher straight freeroll outs as well as a possible flush draw and even a possible flush draw WITH THE SUPER BACK DOOR flush draw as well. So basically, you could be really behind even with the best possible hand on the flop.

Big trip cards kind of play the same way. With a K, K, 5 flop, you bet and face a re-raise of the pot with deep stacks. You hold something like K, Q, 3, 4, 6. Against a K, 5 full house, you only win on a Q or a 6, but who’s to say your opponent doesn’t also have a Queen in their holdings to go with their trips? And that hand match is great because A, K, T, J, 9 on K, K, 5 against K, Q, 3, 4, 6 would crush you. It’s something like 65:35 odds. Good luck, and make sure you run it twice in the simulation!


Keep visiting Nobleaces blog for more insights, interviews & strategies.


Excited to Play 5 Card PLO?

Excited to Play 5 Card PLO?


For a long time players thought that PLO is the greatest variant of poker and if suggested otherwise, they would fight anyone to prove their point. But, enter 5 card PLO! Huge pots, Lots of action and very wide range to play with.

So are you excited to play 5 Card PLO?

We are sure you are excited to play the game and we are also sure that you are very skeptical of the game so we would suggest you to go through basic rules of 5 card PLO.

In this game, each player is handed out 5 private cards which belong solely to that player. On the board, 5 community cards are dealt and are seen by all. All players are then required to use 3 of the community cards along with their own 2 private cards to make the best 5-card poker hand. There are also two varieties in 5 Card Omaha. One of the forms being the Pot Limit 5 Card Omaha Poker wherein a player can bet the amount that is in the pot. The other variant is the No Limit 5 Card Omaha poker where the player can bet as much as they want to including all of their chips if they so wish.

Once the players have been dealt their hole cards, they are presented with the option of either playing their hand by calling or by raising the big blind. All the action following this begins from the left of the person who called the big blind. The player has to choose between folding, calling or raising. The action continues to proceed, this time clockwise around the table, and so does the betting. The betting will continue until the point where all active players have placed equal bets in the pot.

The first three community cards are dealt face-up on the board and are also known as the ‘flop’. These cards are available to all the active players. After this round of betting is complete, it is now time for the ‘turn’. This is the fourth community card which is shown to the players and another round of betting ensues. As the action for this round is completed, it is time for the ‘river’ to be dealt. This is the fifth and final community card and another round of betting ensues. If more than one player remains once the final betting round is complete, the last person to raise or bet shows their card. However, if no bet has been placed, the person immediately clockwise from the button will have to show their card first. The winner of the pot will be the person who has the best five-card hand.

It should be remembered though that in 5 Card Omaha, the players can use only two of their own cards with a combination of three community cards. If there are identical hands then the pot will be equally divided between the players.

We will come up with some tips for 5 Card PLO in our following blogs. Keep visiting our official blog for more interesting stuff.