RNG Certification

Noble Aces RNG

Security is paramount at Noble Aces to ensure the integrity of our systems. We highly value our customers and as such provide them with the latest in security measures to protect personal details such as credit card numbers, email addresses and any other information you provide to us. This is to ensure the highest of satisfaction not only in your gaming experience, but also in your piece of mind.
To ensure the integrity and security of information at Noble Aces we use the some of the highest level encryption available to the public and private sector. This security involves several independent layers of encryption using AES – 128 standards. This ensures that all information that passes between our servers and your devices is protected and un-readable to anyone who might intercept the data.
One of the major parts of this security plan is the use of Random Number Generation (RNG) software which has been certified by iTech Labs. This world renowned company has an excellent track record and reputation to ensure data integrity when traversing the internet. Below you can see a copy of the certification that demonstrates the encryption standard used at Noble Aces is first class.
Your security is our concern and a very important consideration for us at Noble Aces. We always ensure data integrity and privacy so you can focus on your Poker. Enjoy playing at Noble Aces and rest assured your information is safe.

You can download a copy of our certificate here.